Silver Scissors & The Emerald Spa


Not Your Ordinary Salon & Spa

Silver Scissors and the Emerald spa is a warm, friendly, inspiring place to come relax, be pampered and enjoy leisure time. Our clients can’t wait to visit again!

The Salon

Silver Scissors has been providing our clients with the latest trends in hairstyles for nearly 40 years. Education is the key to our success with all our stylists either travelling to take place in training sessions or benefiting from experts we have brought here to the salon.  

The Spa

The Emerald Spa is a peaceful and serene escape from the daily hustle and bustle of our modern lives. Enjoy a massage, manicure, pedicure or any of our our many services. All provided by our expert team. 


“A place like no other! The logo colours are silver and green, but the service and the experience is golden. Why would you want to anywhere else for the best in pampering yourself from head to toe!” Katrina Basha

“Since moving back to Corner Brook in 1999, I’ve been coming to Silver Scissors. Not just for a “hairdo” but, for an experience. Elizabeth’s imagination stretches beyond our small community and always brings us the latest trends. Spending a couple of hours in the salon or spa is a treat that makes me feel refreshed and at least ten years younger!” Kelly Taylor Hulan

“Silver Scissors could easily be a gallery. The stylists are truly artists!” Carol Warren


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